dearest one,
i want to be unhinged by you, with you…
do you feel the joy bursting from behind these doors,
within these old walls,
like a carefree child
waiting at the front door,
hands pressed,
craving the first morning light?

how effortlessly our bodies move toward one another,
Is divine will behind our skin?…
…because I have felt you for so long,
and each time
the world seductively slips into silence,
and the three of us long…

…but i cannot reach beyond your hesitancy and fear,
for if I could, I would swim in the deep ocean of tenderness
and vulnerability that fill you…
and yet, when witnessing both,
I’m drawn ever nearer to your heart,
I feel the sadness in your eyes wanting to touch my lips…
ah, if I only could…just once…

i know you’re walking through a field of spinning tops,
but I can hear the children that laugh near your belly
and I can feel that place where your dreams
touch the aches of your body…
I want to embrace you in that delicate space
from which i cannot imagine
where the next moment will be born:

let your prayers fall into silence,
let me carry you over streams,
become the fire that warms you on lonely nights,
I will be a quiet expanse for you to dance in heedlessly,
the backdrop of your wild visions,
and the applauses of a raptured audience,
awaiting endless encores…

don’t be afraid, dearest one,
what is meant to be
is not merely the impersonal play of the divine
it is also our intention, our gestures,
we stir the waters of love when we move…

will you walk with me so I might keep writing this poem?…