I offer guidance to spiritual wayfarers and courageous entrepreneurs in the following forms

I’m endlessly fascinated with our mysterious human experience and everything that comes with it: beauty, darkness, love, suffering, creativity, ambition. Every day I explore the dance and struggles between spiritual awakening, personal growth, relationships, and how we bring all of it into the work we offer to the world and others.

I have a book of poetry entitled, Poems for Wayfarers and Wanderers.


  • MSEd Counseling Psychology
  • 16+ years of meditation practice and study
  • BA Music Performance, Sound Engineering, Spanish
  • MA Indo-Tibetan Buddhism (partial)
  • Founder, Teacher at Awakening in Life
  • Founder, Creative Director of PowerUp Productions
  • Co-Founder of Buddhist Geeks
  • Producer of the national TV show Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll