I’ve worked closely with Ryan for a couple of years now, and he’s had a profound impact on my life. His skillful approach is spontaneous yet fluid, toggling between structure and free form as the situation demands. I was frequently surprised at where our sessions would wind up, the resonances not often fully felt until the days and weeks following. Most crucially, Ryan’s intention and care never waiver, as he always teaches from a patient, steady, and purposeful place. I look forward to seeing where this practice takes us in the future!

Cody Y.

I have learned a lot about myself and my practice through working with Ryan. His teaching highlights his deep understanding of traditional dharma and integral practices that blend practice with daily life. Ryan is empathetic, flexible, and deeply considerate, and his expertise is reflected in the diversity of areas and topics that we cover in our 1-1s. Working with Ryan has enabled me to grow my practice as a meditator and a teacher, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone practicing Dzogchen, or looking to grow their meditation practice.

Will Urbanski

Ryan’s courses in Fundamental Awareness, taught via Buddhist Geeks (which he co-founded), were revelatory and helped ground me in my Dharma practice during a time I was feeling a bit adrift. His deep insights, academic knowledge, warmth, and humour radiate through his teachings and coaching, and I have incorporated what I have learned from him in my own offerings. Ryan is a treasure.

Dida Kutz

I’ve practiced for nearly 15 years with a number of teachers, and, to me, Ryan’s one of the best. Open. Playful. Caring. Sharp. Modern, yet informed by tradition. With his help, I bounced back from a darkness that had left me stagnant and dispirited for months. Together, we investigated its causes, created an integrated, targeted plan-of-action, and acted. Thanks to him, I got my contemplative life out of the mire and onto the next level. He’s the real-deal in geek chic.

Private Student

A range of practices, techniques and ways of looking at things is a Ryan’s disposal and he doesn’t just throw them at you to see what sticks. I knew Ryan’s student-centric approach would be really helpful – but the “moment-centric” approach, the question “What is needed?”, as a guiding light through the sessions, made us explore many more topics, from life to death, the shadow to healing and finally to finding confidence in one’s own path. All in all, and a perfect combination of meditation, exercises from the realization process, enriched with inquiry and, last but definitely not least, insight producing dialogue.

Alexander Koch

Ryan embodies a wonderful mix of deep knowledge, intuition, and non-judgmental presence of what emerges in our work. In my work with him, I have been able to process some shifts in awareness in my life outside of our work as well as have some very interesting shifts and experiences within our work. As a psychotherapist (aka talk therapist) myself, it is so important for me to have a place to explore, nonverbally, my experience.

Tyler Beach, LCSW

Working with Ryan one on one he brought a knowledgeable and real depth of compassion. I felt very seen and heard in the sessions. I have worked with therapists before but his wisdom and spirituality added the layer of support I needed.

Olivia Farr

With his grounded body, heart, and mind I experience Ryan as a very soothing, compassionate teacher and a deeply authentic human being with a profound understanding of human suffering and the path to alleviate it, the path to more and more wholeness. He has guided me very skillfully into more and more self-contact and the essential well-being that comes with it.

Jakob Zechlin

Ryan’s years of experience, study, and practice are part of why he can so strongly support others’ meditation or spiritual practice. But his generosity, genuineness, and creative thinking make him an incredible guide to exploring goals and insights. He helps facilitate a safe space for authenticity and healing. I’m very grateful for his friendship, unique perspectives, and encouragement along my path.


I was very fortunate to be on Ryan’s Awareness Meditation training. He is very knowledgeable, kind and gentle. He made me feel very comfortable and it was very easy to learn from him such a complex and advanced topic. I would recommend his classes to anyone looking for deepening their meditation practice.

Agenor Castro