Private Sessions

Support for diving deeply in your practice and life

I offer 50-minute private sessions online via Zoom/video. Schedule an intro session to get started and for us to get to know each other, discuss your experience, needs, and goals, and to see how I might be of help.

Recently I’ve shifted to offering private sessions in a block that I’m calling a 3-month Deep Dive. Few details on how it works:

  • Customized Guidance, Practices and Resources: Tailored to your goals, disposition, and what’s arising in your practice and life.
  • Online Practice Journal: Stay on track between sessions with open inquiries to build momentum and make our time together more fruitful.
  • Commit to a 3-Month Window: Long enough, yet focused enough to allow genuine progress, breakthroughs, and integration in your life.
  • Choose weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute sessions.
  • Priority Scheduling: You’ll have priority for scheduling, rescheduling, and future 3-month blocks.

I offer private session through a model of transparent generosity. This is donation based through two organizations I am delightfully a part of, Buddhist Geeks (The Heart Mind Foundation) and The Awakening in Life Foundation, both educational non profit 501(c)3). I also offer live training groups in using the same model.

Schedule a free intro session.

Pathways for Your 3-Month Training Block

While you do not need to select one of the specified pathways below, these are common themes I have explored with students privately. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, you the following is offered as a creative starting point for how we might work together:

  • The Realization Process: Embodied Awakening and Healing
  • Seeking a Breakthrough in Awakening
  • Dissolving the separation between practice and life
  • Navigating Dark Nights of Awakening
  • Re-establishing Your Path and Practice
  • Integral Dharma: Waking Up, Cleaning Up, Growing Up, Showing Up
  • Advanced Awareness Practice (Dzogchen inspired)
  • Support for Spiritually Sensitive Individuals
  • Whatever you need that I am able to offer support

Our work together will be based in your life experience, practice history, interests, challenges, and goals. Your pathway will be dynamic, responsive, and adaptive.

I suggest, guide, and support practices based on your needs at any given moment, checking in with both your intuition and my intuition, and ultimately trusting you to decide if we proceed with a suggested technique.

Big areas of experience we can explore together

Most everything we might explore together fits into one of these for categories of practice, inspired from the ‘4 ups’ from Integral Dharma.

Waking up as presence.
Experiencing ourselves as presence – already whole, spacious, luminous, wondrously mysterious, inextricably interconnected with everyone and everything right from the start. Learning to rest as this presence, receptive and spontaneously responding moment to moment.

Healing from fragmentation to wholeness (cleaning up).
Healing and liberating constricting patterns resulting from pain in our past that limits our embodied presence in our daily life. Reclaiming more of who we already are right now – our embodied being, our knowing, our voice, our power, our safety, our love, and our connection with others and the world.

Maturing into fullness to meet the complexity, demands, and richness of our lives.
Waking up and cleaning up alone are not enough to adequately respond to the complex problems and crises we all face. We must also grow up – embrace the unfolding nature of ourselves and reality, open to ever greater depth and breadth, stretch to see what we’ve never seen, become what we’ve never been.

Embodying all of who we are so we can show up for our lives and flourish together.
To love in action, to work in wisdom, to serve in whatever ways we are called, for our loved ones, our communities and the planet.

Transparent Generosity

Private mentoring sessions with Ryan Oelke are offered on a donation basis, using a transparent generosity model. The amount you give is up to you, but we ask you to consider the suggested amount:

  • $120-240 per session
  • $720-$1400 for 6-session block
  • $1400-$2800 for a 12-session block

Please also consider your particular life situation when giving. 

When giving, you can donate up-front or set a weekly recurring donation.

“I’ve practiced for nearly 15 years with a number of teachers, and, to me, Ryan’s one of the best. Open. Playful. Caring. Sharp. Modern, yet informed by tradition. With his help, I bounced back from a darkness that had left me stagnant and dispirited for months. Together, we investigated its causes, created an integrated, targeted plan-of-action, and acted. Thanks to him, I got my contemplative life out of the mire and onto the next level. He’s the real-deal in geek chic.”