Coming home to you

Coming home to you

Coming home to you:

Has it been a thousand years or just forty?

An afterthought really:
In all our moments together,
the past is merely a playful wink and a humbling blink
in this restful timelessness we share.

Oh and that memory of before:
All I’ve longed for was to hold you,
tell you that you’re wonderful
that everything will be ok,
to pray for your happiness and peace –
no matter how long I was blessed to share in it with you –
and every minute I do,
I give thanks for you,
give thanks that I get to come home to you.

Coming home to you:

‘Everything that never was’, you whispered,
so perfectly expressed as you so often do,
I feel I’m living a poem:
every smile, laugh, and quiet knowing,
every touch we share –
words are too gleefully late to express,
trying to catch up with us like kids chasing fireflies,
yet your lips find the way and I listen in reverence,
I give thanks for you,
give thanks for this love,
oh how I’ve come home with you.

Coming home to you:

Seeing you, barefoot singing in the kitchen
I have no questions,
and no need for answers,
I only want to be influenced by you,
the way spring blossoms seek sun and even the rain,
I want to know you and love you in every way,
I want a front row seat to your unfolding,
and to give thanks for you,
give thanks for this us we are,
and this passionate peace
of coming home to you.

Coming home to you:

I’ll always be singing like a bird
my love for you
and how beautiful you are
through and through

I admire you
I respect you
I adore you
through and through

I will be your champion
Not because you need one,
but because I will always be a lover of your happiness
and I give thanks for you,
through and through,
oh how I love being here at home with you.

I love you
through and through

I feel you seeking

I feel you seeking
when all you want to do is go home,
scared of the space that echos in your chest,
but all that’s missing is you,
and you’re already there

I feel you longing
when all you want to do is rest,
your eyes so soft behind the strain,
if you could only remember,
you’re already here

I feel you posing,
when you’ve always been beautiful,
whether in stillness or moving,
if you could only let go,
in contact you’re everywhere

I feel you
I feel you
I feel you

Here I’ll wait

Now longing humbled
and love endured
dreams mirrored roots
intwined pursuit
no one else, nowhere,
eyes for you and memories shared:

Here I’ll wait
In plain sight
With no end in date
With this heart in eternal flame
Skin cleaned by pain and shame
Lit abright with your joy
And touched by fate
Longing for hands
impassioned embrace
for ease and laughter,
in silence
here I’ll wait

A redbird follows

A redbird has been following me for so long,
looking at each other through these hand prints on the windows.
Walking grass, soft earth,
a pilgrimage without a map,
but she follows me and speaks:
The autumn air clearing,
Her song rode the winds and took form
In a single snowflake
Fallen on my heart,
Gentle and kind
Enlivening and awakening
The best in me that has longed to give.
Will I have time to learn her melody,
So others might know the touch of grace,
So I can make good on the debt of all the love I’ve received,
So I can be remade into a prayer
sung by the redbird following you now?

We must be human

we must be human,
creaking and cracking under the weight of existence,
pushed out of one husk after another:
so bittersweet is this love that aches until plucked.

we must be human,
with the anger of gods swelling these receded shells,
cracking rotting wood, remembering what used to be

we must be human,
chalices tipped over, crying, crying, crying
tears tapping earth,
calling forth slumbering, dirty angels

we must be human,
broken and sore,
never forgotten
always whole

we must be human,
invisibly kind,

we must be human,

we must be human,

we must be human