A little more

two mistresses call my name
pushing and pulling
their voice is always the same:

a little more
a little more

die and be,
stay reborn

a little more
a little more

two kings flip me round
face full of dirt
hands digging ground:

a little more
a little more

die and be,
stay reborn

a little more
a little more

two lovers motion
beckoning once again
fear drowned by ocean

a little more
a little more

die and be,
stay reborn

Here I’ll wait

Now longing humbled
and love endured
dreams mirrored roots
intwined pursuit
no one else, nowhere,
eyes for you and memories shared:

Here I’ll wait
In plain sight
With no end in date
With this heart in eternal flame
Skin cleaned by pain and shame
Lit abright with your joy
And touched by fate
Longing for hands
impassioned embrace
for ease and laughter,
in silence
here I’ll wait

A redbird follows

A redbird has been following me for so long,
looking at each other through these hand prints on the windows.
Walking grass, soft earth,
a pilgrimage without a map,
but she follows me and speaks:
The autumn air clearing,
Her song rode the winds and took form
In a single snowflake
Fallen on my heart,
Gentle and kind
Enlivening and awakening
The best in me that has longed to give.
Will I have time to learn her melody,
So others might know the touch of grace,
So I can make good on the debt of all the love I’ve received,
So I can be remade into a prayer
sung by the redbird following you now?

We must be human

we must be human,
creaking and cracking under the weight of existence,
pushed out of one husk after another:
so bittersweet is this love that aches until plucked.

we must be human,
with the anger of gods swelling these receded shells,
cracking rotting wood, remembering what used to be

we must be human,
chalices tipped over, crying, crying, crying
tears tapping earth,
calling forth slumbering, dirty angels

we must be human,
broken and sore,
never forgotten
always whole

we must be human,
invisibly kind,

we must be human,

we must be human,

we must be human

Connection is buried in loneliness

Connection is buried in loneliness,
Those seeds that fell from us so joyfully, so effortlessly,
All those times we laughed with friends and family
– and if not them, a curious bird, a rambunctious river, even that stuffy old cloud:
So many seeds we hid for this rainy day of our loneliness.
All we need is to step outside again,
Say hello,
Watch them grow like they are so emphatically wont to do: they call to us.
See how everyone gathers round, sun shining, eyes squinting?
With baskets ready to gather and share,
Kicking up dirt – let’s get muddy, looks like a good rain is coming!
Before you know it – and you do know it –
We forget what we’re doing,
Our branches start shimmering and shaking with love again,
because that’s what we’re emphatically wont to do:
Seeds seeds seeds,
Always so many seeds…