Connection is buried in loneliness,
Those seeds that fell from us so joyfully, so effortlessly,
All those times we laughed with friends and family
– and if not them, a curious bird, a rambunctious river, even that stuffy old cloud:
So many seeds we hid for this rainy day of our loneliness.
All we need is to step outside again,
Say hello,
Watch them grow like they are so emphatically wont to do: they call to us.
See how everyone gathers round, sun shining, eyes squinting?
With baskets ready to gather and share,
Kicking up dirt – let’s get muddy, looks like a good rain is coming!
Before you know it – and you do know it –
We forget what we’re doing,
Our branches start shimmering and shaking with love again,
because that’s what we’re emphatically wont to do:
Seeds seeds seeds,
Always so many seeds…