The Pregnant Unknown trails softly behind us:
Love’s secret voice
whispering, even begging us to surrender hesitancy,
that precarious net new lovers hold
while wading barefoot in shallow waters…
…this tide gently pulls us further,
Love offers us the gift of buoyancy over its fearful depths
as we pass in and out of each others arms…

Angels and demons on either side, guiding us,
but they can only see so far – oh, the power we hold!
We are both: pillars anchored separately in Love
and that space in between
where we mix beyond praise and premonition,
outside of time, yet we unfold.

Embolden by your spirit,
your imperfections revealing your vulnerability,
framing your beauty and humanity,
my own dawn with blinding clarity and stories untold.
Complete and overthrown by this Mystery
peeking from behind our fear,
dancing through our fresh eyes,
we are Here
mirroring in Love’s infinite womb.