an exposed wound not meant to heal…

a reminder, a companion….

….a calling from the friction of duality
because bliss would be too simple….

I have chosen this:
to embrace the pain of distant memories lost in my body,
to be unearthed by the winds of emotions that find their way through my racing heart and trembling breath,
to battle and surrender to eternal loneliness, so that I might dissolve and span the distance of pillars and strings…

you want more
than a knowing look and a composed posture –
unshakable is only a single direction.

you wish for my muscles to ache
under the strain of the future,
my unwavering ears
to listen to your unarticulated musing:
more words will not be enough –
i am forced to learn a new language,
to become a translator between
a father’s ascent and a mother’s embrace,
and to see the sobering relationship between
pooling blood and a newborn child.

Am I not alone in this?

even fear under a new moon does not retreat…