your love vibrates and shimmers through the
pentimenti of the man I used to be,
illuminating the man I am becoming:
translucent, shedding skin,
in both directions I am awakening.

your sweet strength, your tremulous tenderness,
carried by oceans, unseen but felt through vast distances,
evokes passionate sobriety in my heart,
a sensual clarity
through which a myriad of colors emerge in my mind:
howling unborn forms beg me to conceive them.

and your beauty, much more than a gateway to new worlds,
passes through me like a spring breeze in a quiet house:
enlivened, I arise in tandem with your beauty, ignited
my back stretches to the earth,
chest expanding over mountains,
lungs filled with fire:
I will breathe new life across the still waters
that lie within wayfarers and wanderers.