This weekend the lovely film crew I worked with on Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll will be shooting a short film for the Shootout Boulder Film Festival. I wrote a short script that stars Stuart Davis and Hokai Sobol. We’ll have to adapt it a little when the festival starts tomorrow at 6pm. They have a secret list of items that must be included in your film:) Thankfully, you get to choose 5 out of 11, so we’ll have some options at least.

Other details on the festival: you can only do in-camera editing, which really means NO editing. And that means you have to shoot every scene sequentially. Once you have the scene, you move on to the next. No going back to redo, no fixing it in post, no multiple takes. We have from 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Saturday to shoot a short film no longer than 7 minutes.

The awesome crew includes:

Directing: Jason Digges and I

Cinematography, In-Camera Editing: Jason Lange and Jason Digges

Production Assistant: Lindsey Wilkinson

Boom: Charles Gammill