I’m honored today to tell you that the Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll website is now LIVE. You can see free clips of the first episode, and you can sign up for some amazing memberships and get immediate access to the first full episode. Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll will air on national television, April 26 on HD Net.

It’s taken a lot of work to get here, but I’ll tell you, it’s been THE best experience of my life. I love the show and I love everyone I work with.

Here’s a little about my involvement in the first season:

Producer – “producer” in a general sense means, “makes shit happen”. And make it I did.

Segment Producer – I worked a lot with Stu on getting the different elements of the show in a flow for the live audience. The biggest part was creating and running the “live elements”. We had two HD televisions set up for the audience and we’d use these to show photos and videos that accompanied news jokes, as well as playing other segments and the music videos. Stu and I would work together to get the timing down of jokes with the live elements. Quite fun:)

Audio Engineer – I mixed everything you hear in the episodes except for the music, which was already produced and most likely mixed by the awesome, Alex Gibson. (I did mix some silly stuff we came up with on the fly, but you’ll know the difference:P) Also, the supreme audio geek, Mike Yach, was a huge help in my process of mixing.

Between now and next season, I hope to write some comedy sketches for the site, and in season 2 I’ll have the honor of helping write jokes for the show.