Reality is radically personal and radically impersonal.

Reality is radically personal in that every experience in our lives IS the ultimate, is God. We do not need to leave any experience, retreat from anything or anyone in order to find or directly experience Reality, for every experience fully is Reality, beyond measure. Our friends, lovers, enemies; orgasms, STDs; organic veggies, chocolate donuts; a good night’s sleep, and a double espresso. ALL are equally ultimate reality, right there within and as each experience. We don’t have to look elsewhere, ever. No need to pick and choose experiences or people. Reality is fully, beautifully up in our spiritual grills, always. This is Love.

Reality is radically impersonal. While Reality is indeed every experience, it does not care what the flavor of that experience is, and no experience can obscure Reality from shining forth. Every experience can be seen nakedly, and in fact, Reality is always bare and nude. It does not care what we think or feel in any moment, Reality is there. Always. This is Wisdom.

It seems that I, like many practitioners, cycle through seeing one of these more at certain times and simultaneously needing to hear the wisdom of the one we are not paying attention to. And in rare moments, perhaps both are shining bright as us, if only briefly.

God neither cares nor does not care. God is beyond any of these dualities we create (yet not other than those). God is radically, impersonally and personally present. Surrender until there is no one surrendering and let Love become you. Step up, cut through the bullshit, see deeply and be Wisdom. Love without wanting, ravish without hesitation.