It’s an honor to introduce you my incredibly talented friend, musical composer, Brad Fowler. Recently Brad asked me if he could compose a series set to my poetry. Without hesitation, I said ‘yes!’ and gave him free range to do whatever his musical mind and heart wants. Of course, that’ll be a big project and it will likely be a while before this is composed and finished, but I will keep you updated.

Also, after listening to a handful of his compositions, I immediately asked him to score the short film I’m working on. Brad’s talent, his emotional, musical, and textural range lit me up, filled me with inspiration, and I knew I had to have him on board. It’s going to be magic, I feel it through and through.

Brad’s letting me post some of his work here. You’ll see what I mean about his talent and range. Be sure to listen to each to really be taken on an emotional, musical adventure.

Brad has a BA and MA in musical composition from Missouri Western State University and Truman State University, respectively. MWSU is where we met and where I studied music.

Dream Meditations for Orchestra

Pulse Meditation

May Music for Wind Ensemble (2:30-3:30 = WOW)

Two Laramie Sketches Landscape