Love’s Invitation from Ryan Oelke on Vimeo.

This weekend I shot my first short film with an amazing team of talented friends for the Boulder Shoot Out Festival. The film, “Love’s Invitation”, placed in the Top Ten and I won the award for Best Screenplay. I am so very honored and grateful to everyone on the team and everyone who gave feedback on the screenplay. A few quick notes about the film:

  • It was shot in 24 hours!
  • There was NO EDITING. You had to do “in-camera” editing, which basically means – shoot a scene, keep it or rewind the tape, shoot it again, move to the next scene!
  • We had to use 5 out of 11 possible items in our film, which we didn’t find out until the start of the 24 hours.
  • Had to be 7 minutes or less, including title and credits.
  • We didn’t do any post on the audio except the music and the voiceover.

Even without mentioning those parameters, I love our film as is. I hope you do too.


Written by Ryan Oelke

Directed by Ryan Oelke, Jason Digges

Cinematography by Jason Lange

Starring: Stuart Davis, Hokai Sobol

Cameos by Sharon Rebek, Ryan Oelke, Abby Bader

Music by Stuart Davis

Boom by Charles Gammill
Sound Design by Ryan Oelke
Production Assistants – Lindsey Wilkinson, Seth Harris
Titles and Credits by Abby Bader
Special Thanks to Chelsea Brady