Love is necessarily life and death:
Circular breathing she uses to play her melody.
We are the tenderest of notes,
the most boisterous of crescendos,
the rumble in the floorboards beneath her feet,
and the faint echo lingering in the desperate ears of the hopeful.

The sweetest sound in silence.

Oh, but forget not:
Love is much more than surrender and happenstance.
Love is not of laziness or resignation,
but born of fortitude and a joy that wills itself towards itself,
well beyond our own impermanence,
and this is why you feel it so deeply in your heart.

Whether smoothly, trembling,
or gasping with fear or delight.

And yet, we do have a little help, don’t we?
God has taken us in his favorite slingshot
and flung us together with great might
throughout all of space and time,
just to see what will happen(!).

And now Love can’t stop laughing.