I don’t want to let it all back in.
I remember.
but this time
it’s different…

Some days this body isn’t enough
and I feel the air inhaling me,
exhaling me into everything, everywhere, and everyone,
in a single breath,
including you.

And the earth, she’s using my legs to plant a thousand more.
who here is too tired to walk?
who here longs to run free of haste?

But there isn’t enough room for this fear,
this cynicism
that keep me company when the light hurts my eyes.
The trees though, with their heartache and beautiful song,
guide me:
a single leaf drops, pattering invisible steps to my face.
I am returned.

there is no in
there is no out
the only way through
is to walk in all directions
at the crossroad that has
no point in time

do you remember?

you dreamnt of it countless times
just before waking
each day:
that nameless space
that ineffable sound
that movement too quick to see,
it’s dancing on our lips when we kiss,
holding us when we shake,
reaching for us when we grasp,
laughing when we love.

do you remember?