I haven’t posted at all since starting my 100 Day Practice vow over 50 days ago, but I have a series of posts coming this week that I think you’ll really enjoy. They’re mostly filled with teachings and instructions given to me by Hokai, along with my own experiences along the way.

The first place I want to start is to simply share the practice with you, without commentary. This will provide context in some of my other posts as the practice is the starting point for the deeper meaning contained within the practice and teachings. I hope that my experience and sharing Hokai’s teachings will provide inspiration and possible clarity for your own practice, as well as providing some insight into the flavor of Vajrayana practice. Here is the practice that I have been doing:


Recite once while holding the vajra-anjali mudra.

I take refuge…
in the wakefulness: vast, blissful, and emanating.
in the truth: ever-present, open, and changing.
and in the congregation of all conscious beings.
Through this practice I realize my true nature, and bring benefit to all.


Recite while holding the padma-anjali mudra once at the heart, throat, forehead, and crown.

Om svabhava shudda sarva dharmah x 4.

Om Ah Hum Recitation

Vocalized while holding the vairochana mudra, slow and long, one breath each:

Om, mudra at forehead.

Ah, mudra at throat.

Hum, mudra at heart.

Repeat three times.

Om Ah Hum Quick Recitation

Keeping vairochana mudra at heart, quickly recite the manatra om ah hum for extended period of time.

Resting in Rigpa

Drop mudra and recitation, rest openly in rigpa.

Dedication – Stanza of Three Powers

Holding the vajra-anjali mudra, recite:

Through the power of my merits and virtue,
By the power of the Buddha’s grace, and
By the power of the Dharmadhatu,
I abide in universal offering to all sentient beings.