The Realization Process – Private Sessions, Group Trainings

Deepen your practice, integrate with life

As a Senior Teacher of the Realization Process, I offer private sessions, group trainings, and retreat (Zoom and in-person), through a model of transparent generosity. This is donation based through two organizations I am delightfully a part of, Buddhist Geeks (The Heart Mind Foundation) and The Awakening in Life Foundation, both educational non profit 501(c)(3).

You can schedule a free intro session for us to get to know each other, discuss your experience, needs, and goals, and to see how I might be of help.

About the Realization Process

The Realization Process, created by Judith Blackstone, is a direct path to embodied nondual awakening, healing, and embodiment that can compliment other paths, approaches, and modalities. The exercises in the Realization Process help us:

  • Cultivate subtlety, openness, luminosity and steadiness of nondual realization
  • Apply the realization of fundamental consciousness to personal maturity, psychological healing and the release of trauma based patterns from the body.
  • Cultivate internal unity, balance, fluidity, presence and subtle energy within the body.  
  • Access a dimension of ourselves that has never been injured, that is deeper and more subtle than even the most strongly held negative beliefs, depression and anxiety.  
  • Develop sensory and emotional resilience, grounding, self-possession, and self-acceptance. 
  • Heal the chronic fragmentations in your own being and between yourself and your environment
  • Integrate all of your human capacities, so that you can know, feel, sense, perceive and respond with your whole being.
  • Let go of the habitual grip on ourselves and experience, not just from the surface or only one part of ourselves, but throughout our whole body and being. 


Transparent Generosity – Current Donations

This is a model designed to encourage generosity, transparency, and reciprocity as a basis for training together. Should you choose to schedule private sessions with me it’ll be up to you to determine the amount you give, keeping in mind these four data points:

  1. Suggested donation: $100/hr
  2. Average amount given: $106/hr
  3. Range given: $40-$225/hr
  4. Your actual situation: ????

The hope is that this transparent generosity model enables deeper human connection to arise over the course of training together, while ensuring that everyone has their needs met.