Inhabit Your Awakening – Episode, Integral Life

In this rich and wide-ranging dialogue, Corey deVos and Ryan Oelke explore the nature of integral awakening, drawing on their own experiences and the insights of integral theory. They discuss how awakening is a universal human potential, but one that is profoundly shaped by the unique "Kosmic address" of each individual - their particular stage of development, state of consciousness, and cultural context. Corey and Ryan share how their own journeys of awakening have been both deeply personal and intimately connected with the larger integral community. They highlight the importance of having a supportive framework and community of practice to help navigate the often challenging and destabilizing terrain of spiritual growth. Integral theory, they suggest, provides a vital map for understanding the many dimensions of awakening, from the individual to the collective, from the psychological to the spiritual.
Filed under: integral dharma

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