Live the Questions
Transformative Small Group Coaching

Live The Questions

Transformative Small Group Coaching

Led by Ryan Oelke

Live the Questions is an opportunity for dedicated practice, personalized guidance, and shared exploration in a small group of like-minded individuals committed to transformation and showing up for what matters most.

Groups will have a maximum of 4 practitioners, meeting for an hour twice/month, for 4 months guided by Ryan Oelke.


«Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart. Don’t search for the answers. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.» Rilke

This group is dedicated to supporting you identifying and truly living the question that is most palpably permeating your life right now.

Living your question compels you unavoidably into the transformation of who you are, your relationships, your work, and ultimately how you experience life. The goal here is transformation that is seen and felt in your life.

In living your question, you are brought immediately and spontaneously, with direction and purpose into appropriate practices, into deeper awareness and curiosity which brings you into fruitful experimenting and learning.

The result of living your question in this way is that you show up more deeply for everything that is most important to you and in life.

We will take an integrally informed approach that includes the inner and out realities of your life, as well as the Four Ups: Waking Up, Cleaning Up, Growing Up, and Showing up.

Group Meeting Format

We’ll start each meeting with a check-in round, followed by practice that is responsive to the group that day (social meditation, guided practice, etc).

One person will then have the opportunity to work 1:1 with Ryan for 15 minutes, followed by open space for sharing and q/a around the challenges and opportunities in living our questions, practice, and life.

Bi-Weekly Meeting Time and Sign Up

I will coordinate with each participant to find a bi-weekly meeting time and start date that works for everyone. 

Here’s how the sign up process works:

  1. Contact me using the form below to let me know you’re interested.
  2. I’ll send you possible weekly meeting times.
  3. Let me know which times you can meet.
  4. Once we have enough people for a weekly time, I will contact everyone.
  5. Reserve your spot to sign up for the monthly subscription (I’ll email you the link)

You’ll have two options for signing up:

1. Group coaching.
$175/month for 4 months. Meets twice per month, 1-hour meetings.

2. Group coaching + monthly private 1:1 coaching.
$350/month. Includes both the group and 1 private coaching session/month.
This is a special discounted rate for 1:1 coaching sessions (normally $250/session)

  1. What if I need to miss a week?
    No problem! It’s ok if you need to miss a week or two in our 4 month period. 
    You'll receive infrequent updates on trainings, programs, freely offered teachings, talks, and meditations.
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About Ryan Oelke

Ryan brings a unique background of wisdom and experience to support participants living their questions across the many contexts of life. He is an executive and leadership coach, Senior Realization Process Teacher, Dharma and meditation teacher, works privately with clients, has led over 20 live group trainings, he’s a conscious entrepreneur having created multiple businesses, and has launched successful podcasts, youtube channels, and online courses.