Give a Donation (Tax-Deductible)

As I offer my teaching in transparent generosity, I’m supported by donations that students give, for which I’m deeply grateful. You can read more about Transparent Generosity here as well as my personal situation. 

If you would like to support me by making a donation, you can do so through one of a few ways:

  • For trainings and retreats, please use the specific donation link provided for the training or retreat (usually provided via email).
  • Donate through The Awakening in Life Foundation.
  • Donate cryptocurrency. I accept cryptocurrency donations and will send you a donation receipt for tax purposes.
  • For private sessions only, donate through this Buddhist Geeks page.

All donations are tax deductible made through 501(c)(3) educational non-profits of the Awakening in Life Foundation or Buddhist Geeks.

Thank you dearly for any support and donations you give ❤️

May you be happy, healthy, and safe,