I had the great pleasure of working on the wildly creative national television show, Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll, directing and starring my good friend and amazing musician, Stuart Davis. I was a producer and sound mixer for its two seasons. The second season costarred Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica).

I have also written and directed two short films, though it’s been several years since and I’m itching to get back behind the camera. My first short film, Love’s Invitation won Best Screenplay and placed in the top ten at the Boulder 24 Hour Shootout Festival in 2009. I created the second film, Tension of Immanence, for a friend’s film class in 2010. Both short films we’re written in very quick time frame, a few weeks, and shot in a day.

Below are a few clips from SGRR and my two short films.

Shoot your whiteout till we blackout from Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll on Vimeo.

Godka from Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll on Vimeo.

Sexy Messiah from Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll on Vimeo.


Love’s Invitation from Ryan Oelke on Vimeo.

Tension of Immanence from Ryan Oelke on Vimeo.